international day of peace 2022

International day of peace 2022 observed today. Watch now live

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This article delivers information on what the international day of peace 2022 is and how people are seen observing it. How can you measure peace? Let’s know the details inside how it can be measured in various ways and means.

Let’s say a traveler goes to an office of 500 km away from his house, he wanted to reach by 1 hour but always reaches the destination every day by 10 minutes. this shows the person is not in peace. However, when we utilize more time it can be self-fixed.

Peace is nothing but what you feel love to do in a positive way. In my life, I always love to write this gives me inner peace and there are people who love to work only on paddy fields also seeing mountains and birds flowing by is also an example of peace.

But in places where you find pollution and corruption, there won’t be peace, as you know, sound pollution may harm people and air pollution can get you health problems that will a lot of money in hospital expenses.

In corruption, the unemployed people got tension of why education and or education asking themeselcevv.

What is the theme of World Peace Day 2022?

Here the theme of this day in 2022 is ending racism. Build Peace

How peace can be measured has different ways and one way we do appreciate is the economical condition also.

For a family, the ned is the economic condition, if all the people in this worldhave equal opportunities, see there will also be no poverty and everyone would love to do more advanced things like making places, motor or ai robots in the future.

But sometimes but either natural calamities or man-made things peace can also be disturbed like the taiwan earthquake, nepl tsunami, AFSPA of Manipur that was recently removed.

ON this happy international peace day 2022, the peace bell donated by the united nation association of japan in 1954.

The first time this day was celebrated was in 1981 by the UN TO ECOURGAE ALL HUMAN TO COMMIT A PEACE

UN secretary general Antonio Guterres also wishes on twitter social media today.

Why should we celebrate INternational peace day?

It helps and motivates to strengthen the ideas of peace worldwide, as per the UN General assembly

. It can be celebrated through education and public awareness related to peace. So how it can be measured or what can bring it is the wonders of the colors to the dinner table, understanding among strangers, peaceful music among enemies, tranquility to the mind, etc.

Do you know peace and unity are also important in life? As both have to be in a close relationship. We should educate to prevent armed conflict and violence and save more lives, help with social needs, etc.

As you follow it, it automatically influences our lives in diversity and that helps in supporting ecah other.

Who started the International Day of peace?

It was started for the first time by th UNited nation general assembly in 1981

What is a true piece?

It consists of personal wholeness, righteousness, politics, justice, prosperity, etc.

Now lets know the two types of peace

Negative peace and positive peace

Read more here about the 4 types of peace, where do we find a real one, and how does it influence lives?

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