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Wordle today: Hints for Wordle 586 from January 26 and today’s solution.

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Wordle today news update: In order to win, you must find a 5-letter word in just six tries. Only real words are permitted in guesses and the outcome, and the game follows the same rules as Scrabble.

The square turns green if you place each letter correctly and create the desired word.

However, the square becomes yellow if the predicted letter is in the word but not where it should be.

Tip for today’s Wordle, January 26, Thursday

Don’t scroll down just yet if you’re still struggling to maintain your streak; perhaps some hints will help. The word for today has a B at the beginning and a Y at the finish. Wordle 586 HINTS: Having trouble with the teaser for January 26? No-spoiler hints for the current solution

Due to the difficulty of today’s Wordle puzzle, Express Online is back with a fresh batch of spoiler-free hints.

From Liam Martin

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More details: Another Wordle problem for the day.
These Wordle puzzles aren’t getting any easier as the week draws to a conclusion.

I occasionally have a hard time remembering the days.
Today is what day of the week?
Is it already Thursday?
Where did Wednesday go?
Even though I was quite busy and aware of the fact that I had things to do, it seemed as though the day had come and gone without ever having existed.
Weekends extend into the week.
Weeks slither into weekends.
One moment it’s Friday, the next it’s Sunday night—or was it Monday night?

We never quite have enough of it, and it passes us by before we really realise it. Although it seems like only yesterday, 2018 was five years ago.

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