49ers vs rams score nfl 2022 week4and match highlightls

Who won the Rams vs 49ers NFL week4 Monday night football? Watch now

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Rams Vs 49ers score 2022 Monday night footbal live game tracker and picks
This sports news delivers the latest primetime Monda night football battler updates that feature San Francisco 49 ers (1-2) hosting the Los Angeles Rams (2-1). Watch now here the live updates of week4 NFL prediction, odds, pics, and betting guide, or join the discussion here live now.
A score of the match of Rams vs 49ers.
Both the teams are offensive masterminds of Kyle Shanahan and Sean McVay
The McVay is 4-7 against Shanahan, H to H. The 49ers team would be this time without Left tackle Trent Williams due to a high ankle sprain
The play time or the kick-off starts at 8.15 pm in Sant Clara California.
According to the sportsbook, the late odds of the 49ers vs rams is 42.5

Who is favored to win the rams or the 49ers?

San Francisco is more favored according to caesars sportsbooks and the Over /under 42.5 odds.
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Why are the 49ers favored over the rams?

As you know 49ers serve as th best team with losing records.

In halftime, the NFC west showdown Monday night football in the San Francisco / This ti,e Jeff Wilson was seen in the rams, losing 32-yard run
The best moment eats the Deebo Samuel Makes and Insurance catch reaching a 57-yard touchdown to improve the host lead to 14-9 scores.
In this week 4 NFL session, the betting analyst Joe Fortenbaugh, fantasy and eric moody and are Snellings, expense tats and information Seth Walder, football outsiders Aaron Schatz supplied top rated players.
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