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Who is Didi Kempot, an Indonesian performer, and why is he the subject of a Google Doodle?

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We look at what happened to the late performer as Google Doodle pays homage to Indonesian singer Didi Kempot.

Google features a variety of well-known people on the anniversary of their passing, their birth, or the date of a major accomplishment each year.
As part of Black History Month earlier this month, the search engine honoured American-Haitian model Mother Cax.
Google celebrated the 140th birthday of Danish artist Lili Elbe, whose life’s work was adapted for the big screen in the movie The Danish Girl, in December (2015).
Discover Didi Kempot, the visage of the Google Doodle for today.

Didi Kempot, who was born Didik Prasetyo or Dionisius Prasetyo on December 31, 1966, was reared in Surakarta, Indonesia, by a family of performers.
His mother was a traditional Javanese singer, and his siblings were comedians.
Kempot followed in his mother’s footsteps by pursuing a profession in music.
In his late teens and early twenties, while busking, he began writing his own tunes.
Kempot founded Kelompok Pengamen Trotoar (The Sidewalk Buskers’ Club) at the age of 18.
Before eventually getting a break in the business, Didi Kempot busked on Indonesian streets for many years.
Honoring Indonesian singer Didi Kempot: His Biography and Legacy
The late musician, known as the “Godfather of Broken Hearts,” was born into a showbiz household in Surakarta, Indonesia.

His siblings were comedians, and his mother sang in the traditional Javanese style.

At the age of 18, Kempot started his own band and began playing folk-pop tunes in public.

At a virtual concert, he was able to collect over $400,000, which was then given to the president of Indonesia.

Sadly, Didi Kempot passed away on May 5, 2020, at the age of 53, following a cardiac attack.

His contributions to charity and music will always be recognised and honoured.

Google Doodle honours Didi’s life accomplishments

Given that it is the anniversary of one of Didi Kempot’s major accomplishments, Google chose February 26 as the day to honour the performer.
Kempot was given a Billboard Indonesia Lifetime Achievement Medal exactly three years ago today.

At the event, Didi Kempot was in attendance.
To celebrate his accomplishments, he shared the stage with vocalist Isyana Sarasvati to perform Pamer Bojo.

For his campur sari songs, a fusion of traditional Javanese music and contemporary music, Kempot had been playing for decades and had achieved fame.

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