raiders vs chiefs 2022 nfl week 5 match score and highlights

Raiders vs Chiefs 2022 score and highlights. Watch NFL Week 5 news here

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USA spots breaking news: This news articles deliver NLF week 5 match results of the Raider vs Chiefs 2022. In the match played the Las vegas raiders scored and the Kansas city chiefs scored
The names of the inactive players in the match are as follows

  • B Brittain Brown
  • LB Jayon Brown
  • DT Jonathan Hankins
  • DT Matthew Buffer
  • DE Tashawn Bower

In the NFL national football league match today, we saw there was a roughing penalty passer, that brought the raiders to lead to the Kansas city chiefs a 20-10 score in halftime.
A 50-yard goal was also scored by Daniel Carlson in the 17 secs before halftime. It was seen that Dereck Carr was sacked by Chris jones at 1:07 time left to half-time.
An analyst of ESPN said Troy Aikman, criticize the penalty given but Carl Cheffers the referee.
The final score of the match is CHiefs 30 and Riders 29

Who was favored to win the raiders vs chiefs?

The Kansas City has 7 points as per the reports of the caesar sports books so the total score is 51.5

How many times have the chiefs beaten the readers till now?

Let’s look at the number of times that IN THE NFL the raiders had to lose the game.
In total the team has won 126 times against its rival team Las vegas.
The time match was played at 7.15 pm on ESPN sports tv and channel

Who won the chief raiders game last night?

The week 5 NFL games were won by Kansas City the score of 30-29 over the AFC west rivals,
Watch the match highlights here.

Who has more super bowls?

The Los Angeles or Oakland raiders have 3 super bowl win so far and the Kansas City has 2 wins in the super bowl and also the Baltimore or the Indianapolis colt had also won 2 times in the Super Bowl
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