world book day 2023

Prepare to email us pictures of your child’s costume for World Book Day.

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Students and teachers can dress up, have fun, and honour their love of books on World Book Day.

World Book Day for this year is on Thursday.

The Oxford Mail has relished publishing images of young readers decked out as their preferred book characters over the years.

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If you’re participating, please get in contact with us and send us pictures of your costumes. We plan to publish them in a special supplement the following week.

Visit to submit your photo.

A charitable organisation called World Book Day seeks to improve children’s lives by fostering a lifelong practise of reading aloud and for enjoyment.
What date in 2023 is World Book Day?
International Book Day: What is it?
Simple concepts, tokens, and costumes
World Book Day, which was first observed in 1995 by UNESCO, is quickly coming and will celebrate its 28th anniversary in 2023. (but brought to the UK and Ireland in 1997).

The date of World Book Day 2023 is Thursday, March 2, one day sooner than it was the previous year.

International Book Day: What is it?
More so than a child’s family situation, the educational history of their parents, or their family’s income, “reading for pleasure is the single biggest indicator of a child’s future success.”
We want to see more kids, especially those from underprivileged backgrounds, develop a lifelong habit of reading for pleasure and benefit from the increased possibilities for success in life that this affords.

Although the day is geared towards kids, anyone can participate.
Everyone is urged to participate because, according to The Literacy Trust, “16.4% of adults in England” (more than 7 million people) are deemed to have “very poor literacy skills.”
How is World Book Day observed today?

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