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Los Angeles might be delaying their trade timeline even more, according to Lakers rumors.

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Watch now the Lakers breaking news today and live updates USA in this forum. Despite having additional choices, the team’s season is still not going well. The injury to Anthony Davis has accelerated the need to make a trade, even though the Lakers are not yet prepared to go with their future first-round picks.
LeBron James continues to get older and play out of his mind despite the injury problems. The team is trying to take advantage, but there isn’t nearly enough urgency, especially given that the Lakers are presently 13th in the west.
The Davis injury can be helped in little ways, but certain win-now strategies should be considered. Targets for the Lakers to “monitor” and “likely” trade; potential next NBA star:

Even though the NBA trade deadline is still two months away, speculation about potential moves the Los Angeles Lakers might make is already very active.

The “probable” strategy for the Lakers was exposed in a report, while rival NBA executives anticipated the next player who may ask for a move. The most recent NBA rumor mill includes that and more!


Before the deadline, the Los Angeles Lakers are still one of the more interesting teams to watch.

James reportedly received a guarantee that the Lakers would use their draught picks to bolster the roster, according to a preseason report from NBA insider Marc Stein.

However, the Lakers must strike a delicate balance in order to take advantage of James’ prime now without losing sight of the future, especially in light of Anthony Davis’ most recent setback.

In this instance, the Davis injury may only serve to undermine the Lakers’ chances of contending this year, raising the question of whether they would be better off keeping those draught picks.

Lakers: Santa’s favorite scorer is this Hall of Fame Laker.

The all-time leader in Christmas Day bucket hauls is a Laker. Fans of the Los Angeles Lakers shouldn’t be too surprised by this, given how many buckets the man collected throughout the course of his career. The 6-foot-6 swingman, who unfortunately died in 2020, is regarded as one of the top 10–15 players in league history. He finished fourth all-time in the regular season scoring 33,643 points, only three points behind three other Hall of Fame greats who played at least a portion of their careers with the purple and gold (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, LeBron James, and Karl Malone).

Zach LaVine is acquired by the Lakers

With a 12-18 record and a miserable season, the Chicago Bulls are currently 11th in the Eastern Conference.

A member of the Eastern Conference told NBA Insider Sean Deveney that former UCLA standout Zach LaVine is eager to join the Los Angeles Lakers, suggesting that the two-time All-Star wing is not happy with the situation.

The Washington native, 27, who is from Renton, inked a five-year, $215 million contract to remain with the Bulls last summer. He is now averaging 21.7 points on 36% three-point shooting, 4.4 rebounds, 4.2 assists, and 1.2 steals per game.

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