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Cocaine bear latest entertainment movies discussion forum: The horror-comedy is based on a true incident that occurred in 1985, but writer Jimmy Warden and director Elizabeth Banks gave their furry lead a different conclusion.

The Argument for Cocaine Bears

Maybe the environmental movement requires a deadly beast that has been doped up on sweets.
I attended a psychology course in college taught by a professor I’ll call Frank.
Not your normal academic, Frank rocked thinning hair held together by gel and a barber’s heroics, sported a number of necklaces that I would characterise as several too many, and sported an undersized sports coat that could barely contain his enormous biceps.
I have no idea where Frank is.

Despite the fact that this piece is about Cocaine Bear, I must first introduce Frank, a psychologist who gave cocaine to pigeons. His job was to do that.

And that’s acceptable in a general sense! There are undoubtedly honorable scientists all over the nation who feed coke to pigeons for perfectly valid scientific purposes. But with Frank, you would have chosen him 10 times out of 10 if you had lined up 20 random men and told you that one of them sold cocaine to pigeons for a livelihood.

Of course, there is only really one justification for going to see Cocaine Bear: you want to see what occurs when a bear takes cocaine.

And it is refreshing to have someone sell you precisely what was promised in a country full of hucksters and con artists. The movie’s plot, which is loosely based on a true tale, is uncomplicated.
Coke is dropped from an aircraft by drug traffickers.
The cocaine is found by a bear. In search of more cocaine, the bear turns the hillside red.
The main storyline revolves around a couple of kids who consume spoonfuls of cocaine and become lost, as well as a nice-guy drug dealer who is mourning the death of his wife (who had cancer, not a bear), but that is essentially it. There are a few other minor plot lines along the way.

Elizabeth Banks’s action-comedy-thriller is partially based on a 1985 incident when an American black bear ingested a massive amount of cocaine and was discovered dead soon thereafter.
What might occur if a large bear went on a ferocious, unstoppable, coke-fueled rampage through the Georgia woods is imagined in the film as a series of fantastical tales.
Along with the old anti-drug PSAs that start the picture, it also borrows some pace and style cues from that era. Cocaine Bear has hints of both the Spielbergian kids’ adventures and the especially brutal and savage slasher movies that peaked in the middle of the 1980s. Watch now or join this movie discussion and review forums here.

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