half moon bay incident

In shootings in Half Moon Bay, California, a gunman killed 7 people.

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USA today’s news forum: Let’s talk about how Seven individuals were slain on Monday at two horticulture nurseries in Half Moon Bay, San Mateo County, south of San Francisco, according to law officials.

According to San Mateo County Sheriff Christina Corpus, both the shooter and the victims were considered employees of one or both sites. Talk more about the incident now.

According to her, a more individual was in severe condition at Stanford Medical Center.

According to the sheriff’s office, the suspect was identified as Chunli Zhao, a 67-year-old resident of Half Moon Bay.
He’s being held and is being cooperative.

The sheriff estimated that there is a mile between the two locations.
The reason behind law enforcement is void.

After a man shot seven former coworkers dead south of San Francisco, California is in shock following its third mass shooting in eight days.

The coastal city of Half Moon Bay was the scene of the assaults.
The victims were all American farm labourers of Chinese descent.

Zhao Chunli, the suspect, was detained after arriving at a police station in his car.

In the midst of Lunar New Year celebrations, 11 people died at Monterey Park, which is around six hours south-east of Half Moon Bay.

Six people, including a teenage woman and her infant, were killed at a property in Goshen, central California, just over a week ago.

Gavin Newsom, the governor of California, tweeted that he was visiting with victims of the earlier.

Children who resided on the remote farm and had just gotten released from school watched the attack, according to Christina Corpus, sheriff for San Mateo County.

“Such shootings are abhorrent.
Despite how frequently we hear about it, this tragedy has particularly affected San Mateo County today “stated the agency.

“To have children see this is beyond words.”

After committing the murders, the suspect drove to a nearby police station, where he was apprehended and his arrest was recorded on video.

Zhao Chunli was shown on US TV stations being restrained by police before being taken into custody.

He was cooperating with authorities, according to Sheriff Corpus, and was discovered in possession of a semi-automatic weapon that may have been used in the attack.

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