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Google Honors Amputee Model Mama Cax in Black History Month Doodle. Watch now

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UK News forum: Mama Max, the ground-breaking model, who as a teenager lost her leg to cancer, later became a champion for diversity in the fashion business by proudly showing off her prosthetic leg on the catwalk. Read the full news now.
Model and cancer survivor Mama Cax was a powerful voice for the rights of those with disabilities.
As a teen amputee, Cax wasn’t afraid to show off her prosthetic limb in photo shoots and on the runway, frequently embellishing it with vibrant patterns.

In honour of Black History Month, Google released a Google Doodle on Wednesday that highlights several significant aspects of the American-Haitian model’s life, including the way she bravely wore her prosthetic leg in public. Details about Black History Month . Black History Month Can Be Celebrated in a Variety of Ways. Watch These Powerful, Uplifting Movies and TV Shows for Black History Month

American historian Carter G. Woodson proposed the first commemoration of what would become Black History Month in 1926. He had established “Negro History Week” to promote the study of Black history in schools. Before President Gerald Ford formally acknowledged Black History Month in 1976, the celebration gradually grew to last an entire month and spread throughout the US.

Mama Cax, a trailblazing model, activist, and supporter of the inclusion of people of colour and models with disabilities in the fashion business, passed away on Friday from complications following a week-long illness, her family reported on social media. She was 30.

After discovering blood clots in her leg, thigh, abdomen, and close to a filter in her lungs (placed there for cancer treatment in her teens), the Haitian American model, born Cacsmy Brutus, had been open about health struggles in recent weeks on Instagram. She was in London for a photoshoot when she discovered the clots. She battled her sickness for a week in the hospital with “the same grit” she had to fight cancer, according to the family’s Instagram post, but she passed away on December 16.

Mama Cax, a pioneering model, passed away at age 30. At the age of 30, Mama Cax—real name Cacsmy Brutus—passed away today. The Haitian-American activist and model made her runway debut at Chromat’s spring 2019 show while sporting an adorned prosthetic leg. She is known for both her support for those who are disabled and work in the fashion business.
At the time, Cax admitted to Vogue, “I was doing an event the other day with a lot of girls with limb problems and in wheelchairs.” They rarely see someone who resembles them on a magazine cover or a catwalk, so for them, it means a lot. Talk now more about the mama cax in this news discussion forum now.

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At the age of 30, Mama Cax, a pioneering activist and model, passed away.

The model, whose real name was Cacsmy Brutus, was a Haitian-American who passed away on Monday after becoming ill while visiting London, according to a statement on Instagram from her family.

Cax, who as a youngster lost her leg to bone and lung cancer, was a fierce supporter of disabled and women of colour in the fashion industry.

Cax was a fighter, according to her family’s statement, which is an understatement.

“She had been accustomed to facing life’s many problems head-on and triumphantly as a cancer survivor.
She battled her last days on earth with the same tenacity.”

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