Family is “determined,” according to Mackenzie Crook, to locate the missing sister-in-law.

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A week after his sister-in-law vanished, Mackenzie Crook said his family is “clutching at straws,” but they are still “determined and driven” to locate her. Read the full news now

The older sister of Mr. Crook’s wife, Laurel Aldridge, 62, was reported missing from her residence in Walberton, in the Arundel region of West Sussex, on February 14th.

The Office, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Worzel Gummidge star Mr. Crook of the UK said the family has been “agonising” over her absence.
The Office actress Mackenzie Crook’s sister-in-law is Laurel Aldridge (Family handout/PA).

Mr. Crook said during an appearance on Good Morning Britain from the Slindon Cricket Ground in West Sussex.

Police have urged drivers to look at dashcam footage in their hunt for the “vulnerable” missing sister-in-law of actor Mackenzie Crook.
After fleeing her Sussex home on Valentine’s Day, Laurel Aldridge, 62, has not been seen again.
Following her disappearance from Arun, West Sussex, on Tuesday, February 14, she missed a chemotherapy appointment.

Her height is listed as 5 ft 4 in., and her hair is grey with blonde highlights.
More photos have been released by the police in an effort to locate her.
The 51-year-old Mr. Crook has made the hunt for his relative public on social media.
He encouraged locals to search their outbuildings for any signs of her resting there.

“It’s extremely difficult,” the acto said.
She is currently in a very precarious situation.

He said to ITV: “She is undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, missed a session on Tuesday, and is therefore extremely vulnerable. We assume that she is experiencing some type of crisis.
We’re desperate to locate her because of this.”

She was last seen wearing a brown hat, a turquoise fleece, and a maroon tartan scarf, according to the police, who also said she occasionally uses glasses.
They claimed she was carrying a grey puffer parka, which is what she was most likely wearing.
We are still looking into several different avenues, and we appreciate any members of the public who have so far shared intelligence with us, according to Detective Sergeant Alan Fenn.

“We might know something that would help us pinpoint Laurel’s last known position.
I think Laurel would like to be there.

The actor of the BBC comedy Detectorists and the Pirates of the Caribbean movies said his family was working together to find Aldridge, who is described as being about 5 feet 4 inches tall with grey or blonde highlighted hair and occasional eyewear.

She left the home with nothing but the clothes she was wearing, no money, no phone, and she hasn’t been seen since, according to Crook, 51.

Since we have been searching the woods for a week, we can only assume that she has sought refuge in a backyard, a barn, or an outhouse. At least, that’s what we’re hoping.

“Even if they have checked those locations in their yard before, we are requesting that they do so once more.

“We have a

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