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Everyday Horoscope Predictions for January 23, 2023. Read now

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UK news: What’s your horoscope prediction today? The moon encourages us to consider our boundaries and values when it conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius at 4:25 AM and Venus in Aquarius at 5:19 AM. We might be establishing new benchmarks today. At 12:36 PM, the moon enters the expressive, artistic water sign of Pisces. It’s a wonderful moment to welcome new opportunities and explore our fantasies! Aries: from March 20 to April 20 in 2023. Read more

Your social life could change as the moon aligns with Saturn and Venus in Aquarius.
Within your friendships, a new dynamic may emerge.
You are encouraged to catch up on rest and alone time as the moon enters Pisces.

Gemini: May 21–June 21 in 2023.

Venus and Saturn cross paths with the moon.

When the moon conjuncts Saturn and Venus in Aquarius, a fellow air sign, you may be exploring a fresh possibility.
As the moon enters Pisces, your attention shifts to your career.
It’s possible that you’ll catch the public’s eye!

Aries, here is your horoscope for the week of January 22.

Aries, it’s time to let go.
On Thursday, Venus enters your Pisces-ruled completion zone, motivating you to free yourself from the restricting thoughts, behaviors, and people that prevent you from experiencing the love you deserve.
The Sun-Mars trine on Sunday encourages you to get together with your friends and use the ability of open-ended questions to foster empathy and understanding.


Taurus: friend, lover, or both?
You are motivated to purposely blur the boundaries between friendship and romance on Thursday as amorous Venus enters your Pisces-ruled friendship sector.
You may then observe what results when you combine the finest of both worlds!
The Sun-Mars trine on Sunday offers you the stability you need to feel proactive and productive.


Gemini, you have both character and skill!
On Thursday, Venus moves into your Pisces career sector, reminding you that the nature of your output and professional success are mostly determined by the quality of your connections and expertise.
The Sun-Mars trine on Sunday encourages you to follow your curiosity to novel concepts and techniques that require immediate implementation.

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Distance-based romance, Cancer?
On Thursday, Venus enters your Pisces-ruled travel sector, drawing you to romantic interests that are a little “far away,” whether that means they’re physically distant or just not your type.
Let that separation instruct you.
Get curious, courteous, and sympathetic toward yourself and others because Sunday’s Sun-Mars trine is an emo one.

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