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Emmanuel Macron wants to get “intimate” with the globe because he is unloved at home.

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Many questioned what the setback would imply for the ambitious, here-to-disrupt-the-status-quo leader, Emmanuel Macron, whose first term was characterized by a top-down style of administration when his party lost its absolute majority in parliament six months ago.Read more

It turns out that Macron 2.0 is a global figure who pitches “strategic intimacy” to world leaders while delegating responsibility for domestic politics to his main lieutenant and focusing on his area of expertise: international diplomacy.

The Frenchman’s previous “intimate” actions have been well-documented: warm embraces with Angela Merkel, knuckle-crunching handshakes with Donald Trump, and frequent bromances with people like Rishi Sunak and Justin Trudeau.
The French president, who is serving his second term, seems to be moving the world, quite literally.

Following the Sunday penalty shootout, Macron jumped right into the fray, entering the field to grab Mbappé and, presumably, express compassion.
Or perhaps asking the football player whether he will cast his vote.
Clearly not interested in any of it, Mbappé.
And neither did his coach Didier Deschamps, who blanked the President’s adoring media.
Why would they want to interact, then?
Imagine that Rishi Sunak, or whoever is serving as the Conservative Prime Minister this month, was in your face at your lowest professional point, talking about “football” and addressing you as “friend” in a painfully obvious man-of-the-people act.

But becoming president of your country doesn’t happen without tenacity and self-confidence.
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On Sunday, French President Emmanuel Macron comforted the team’s dejected football players following Argentina’s victory in the FIFA World Cup championship game.
After the team’s heartbreaking loss in the decisive penalty shootout, Macron walked to the field in Qatar’s Lusail Stadium, where the game was taking hold, to comfort the players.
In a video clip that surfaced amid the celebrations in Argentina after the game, Macron is shown consoling Kylian Mbappe of France, who is plainly disappointed in the defeat despite scoring the first hat trick in a final in 56 years.
In addition to congratulating Argentina on its victory, the French President expressed his support for the French football squad.

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