Dave Hollis, a former Disney executive and the ex-husband of Rachel Hollis, passed suddenly at the age of 47.

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News Discussion forum : Dave Hollis, a former Disney executive and the author of “Girl, Wash Your Face,” died at the age of 47. He was also Rachel Hollis’ ex-husband.

A family member revealed to TODAY that he had just been hospitalized for heart-related health difficulties and passed suddenly on February 11 at home in Austin, Texas, even though the cause of his death has not yet been determined.

Dave Hollis’ four surviving children are Jackson, Sawyer, Ford, and Noah Hollis, who would have turned 48 on February 14.

His ex-wife posted a prayer request on Instagram on Tuesday, February 14.

When Dave Hollis left Disney in 2018 to work for his wife’s business, he had spent 17 years there, including seven years as the company’s chief of distribution.
The parents of four relocated from Los Angeles to the Austin region, worked together on podcasts, livestreams, and conferences that celebrated life.
Their “Rise Together” podcast has a marriage-related theme.

What work did Dave Hollis perform for Disney?

Hollis managed the launching of blockbusters including “Black Panther” and “Star Wars” movies while he was employed for Disney.
In 2018, he admitted to being in a corporate rut and joining his wife’s business to The Associated Press.
His new existence seemed “like a calling,” he claimed.
Dave Hollis and Heidi Powell were they?

Following the lifestyle author and influencer’s passing at age 47 on Tuesday night, Dave Hollis’ partner, fitness trainer and personality Heidi Powell, expressed her grief.
Hollis passed away on Saturday, February 11 at his home.
When did Dave Hollis and Rachel part ways?

Although I believe there is some snake oil in the personal development industry, it seems to have worked for you.

In 2018, he told The Associated Press, “I have to at least see what it’s about.
Before he and Rachel made their separation from one another official in June 2020, Hollis began writing his debut book, “Get Out of Your Own Way.”

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