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Burt Bacharach, a composer who gave the 1960s a high gloss, passes away aged 94.

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USA : Burt Bacharach breaking news now : His elegantly crafted duets with lyricist Hal David, including “The Look of Love,” “Walk On By,” “Alfie,” and numerous other songs, evoked a slick period of light romanticism.
Burt Bacharach, a dapper pop composer, arranger, conductor, record producer, and sporadic performer whose popular songs captured the romantic optimism of the 1960s, passed away on Wednesday at his Los Angeles home.
He was 94.

The death was verified by Tina Brausam, his publicist. No particular reason was offered.

Bacharach, a devoted romantic whose mature style may be characterised as Wagnerian lounge music, combined the chromatic harmonies and protracted, angular melodies of late-19th-century symphonic music with contemporary, effervescent pop orchestration and enriched it with a variety of effects.

Bacharach roamed in the wilderness after severing ties with his singer and his lyricist.
(His memoir contains terrible tales of the struggles and difficulties he went through with Nikki, the daughter he had with Angie Dickinson, who Bacharach later claimed to be on the spectrum at a time when the definitions of autism and its related illnesses were still very ill-defined.)
His Broadway debut, “Promises, Promises,” doesn’t really stand up well on revival despite the joys of the music, including “I’ll Never Fall in Love Again.” He created a number of songs after the breakup, including some big ones.
Bacharach wrote music that, like his outstanding French contemporary Michel Legrand, transitioned from classical training to pop.

What was Burt Bacharach’s most popular song?

“(They Long To Be) Close to You,” by Carpenters

The Carpenters’ song “(They Long To Be) Close to You)” peaked at No. 1 on the Hot 100 chart for the week of July 25, 1970.

What’s Burt Bacharach up to these days?

Burt Bacharach, a renowned composer who produced numerous musical tunes, has passed away.
He was 94.
Bacharach passed away peacefully from natural causes on Wednesday at his Los Angeles home, according to his publicist Tina Brausam.

Dionne Warwick and Burt Bacharach dated one another?

At the time, Warwick said of her friendship with Bacharach: “Not just pals.
We are related.

Did Burt Bacharach write every song by Dionne Warwick?

Bacharach wrote recognisable tunes for Dionne Warwick with his longtime colleague Hal David.
including a run of 39 straight charts

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