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Bigg Boss telegu season 6 Launching date and where to watch

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New movie updates: The big boss Telugu Season 6 launching date is coming soon and everyone is dying to watch this season 6. Watch now the gran launch promo online. check out her the confirm as the contestant of 2022. The entertainment at Bigg Boss continues now with OTT edition Bigg Boss Non-Stop”. This show will be telecast at 6 pm with Nagarjuna as the host.

The cast are the keerthi Kesav, Arjun Kalyan , revnath, etc. Kirthi Kesav bhat represents a popular actress in Kanada and Telegu tv shows. She belongs to Bangalore and has an interest in art arts and films. Last time I saw this actress was on a local Cable tv network channel in the USA. In various Kannada movies, she also acted various roles also.

Sirhan who is a new actor is yet another new face in the serial, a noted actor of Hydrabad based, being also a social media influencer.

If you are a daily Telegu television viewer, them must know that RJ Surya who started as a radio jockey on the Private FM channel, is a young talented artist who shifted from the east Godavari to Hyderabad. His case is in flat no 706.

The new face sudirpa is known as Pinky for her best performance as pinky in 2001 film Nuvvu Naku Nachav, Cast also in the year 1994 in Telegu movie M. Dharmaraju M.A Featuring.

Sri Satya from the Vijayawada.

Now meet them all in the Nagarjuna shows live.

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