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At age 93, Buzz Aldrin marries his lifelong love.

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USA breaking news blog: Let’s talk today on this forum about Buzz Aldrin, a retired astronaut and the second person to set foot on the moon, and his partner Anca Faur were ecstatic to wed. On Friday—93rd Aldrin’s birthday—the couple exchanged vows in a tiny, private ceremony in Los Angeles.
In a tweet, Aldrin claimed that on this particular day, he and his companion were “as enthusiastic as eloping teens.”
Aldrin, who made history alongside Neil Armstrong as the first person to walk on the moon, said that the wedding took place on his 93rd birthday on Friday.

I’m happy to say that Dr. Anca V. Faur, my lifelong companion and love,and My spouse, Dr. Anca V. Faur, and I got married.
In a modest, private ceremony in Los Angeles, we were united in holy matrimony, and we are as thrilled as teens planning to run away, he wrote.

By Saturday, the post had garnered 53,000 Facebook “likes” and “loves” and included multiple images of the couple.

President John F. Kennedy had promised to send a manned crew to the moon and safely bring them back to Earth. On July 20, 1969, astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin of Apollo 11 accomplished this.
The crew’s third member was Michael Collins.

On July 20, 1969, as part of NASA’s Apollo 11 mission, Aldrin became famous throughout the globe and earned a place in history by landing on the moon 20 minutes after his fellow astronaut, Neil Armstrong, took his historic first stride.

According to her LinkedIn page, Faur, who holds a doctorate in chemical engineering, has worked as Buzz Aldrin Ventures’ executive vice president for the previous four years.

Aldrin wrote on Twitter, “We were wedded in holy marriage in a modest private ceremony in Los Angeles & are as excited as eloping teens.”
Aldrin was stunned by the enormous celebrity brought on by the Apollo 11 mission 54 years ago when he reached Earth.

The former fighter pilot battled drinking and depression but eventually accepted himself. Join this news forum now to talk more about the latest USA breaking news updates.

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