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As a result of Starmer’s apology for his “disgusting” racism, Luciana Berger re-joins Labour

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The former Jewish Lawmaker claimed that under Jeremy Corbyn, the party descended into the “depths of the abyss.” Following Sir Keir Starmer’s apology for the “disgusting” and “intolerable” racism she encountered under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, former MP Luciana Berger has re-joined the Labour Party.

Ms. Berger left the party in February 2019 due to systemic antisemitism.
Since 2010, the Jewish lawmaker had represented the party in Liverpool Wavertree.

In 2019, Ms. Berger spoke to the JC about her “specific experience, the problem of physical threats being made against me in a party that is supposed to pride itself on values of anti-racism.”

Additionally, she expressed displeasure that the party “sought to disregard and turn a blind eye.”

“My test for change was whether those who were rightly appalled by how far we had fallen think this is their party again,” Sir Keir wrote on Twitter on Saturday. Ms. Berger had been invited to re-join the party, and she had accepted.

According to a study by the Equality and Human Rights Commission from 2020, the party was in charge of illegal cases of discrimination and harassment.

Elements of the report were rejected by former party leader Mr. Corbyn, who also claimed that claims of antisemitism under his administration had been “dramatically overstated for political purposes.”

Later, he was expelled from the Labour party.

Sir Keir stated earlier this month that Mr. Corbyn would not be allowed to run as a candidate for Labour.

Ms. Berger originally served as a member of the anti-Brexit Change UK party after leaving Labour in 2019 along with seven other Labour MPs.
Jewish ex-MP Luciana Berger rejoins UK Labour after leaving due to racism

Former lawmaker acknowledges written apology from and invitation to return from party leader Keir Starmer, saying the party has “turned a major corner” since he took office.
John Corbyn
After accusing previous leader Jeremy Corbyn of not doing enough to combat institutional antisemitism in the party, 41-year-old Berger quit Labour in 2019.
Later, she unsuccessfully ran a candidature for a different party.

Labour “fell into the depths of the abyss under Jeremy Corbyn’s reign,” Berger wrote in her answer to Starmer’s call to return.

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