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Adam Levine cheated wife with a new baby name drama. Sumner claims

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US breaking news: The one-time voice coach Adam Levine cheated on his ex-mistress over the naming of their baby names. Adam Levine instead named the baby after his mistress’s name. Celebrity cheating news had become so popular in America that we also don’t know. It moves like the speed of light on social media. This news is all about the maroon5 frontman adam Levine.
Summer Stroh on social media today posted that she had affair with the married musician, and the matter is he wanted the child’s name the same name as her. In the news, it reported the girl to wife behati Prinsloo is a pregnant condition with a twin third child. Let’s see more o the TIKTOK where Sumner Stroh has to present a nice spec on this matter.
It can be remembered that the maroon 5 singers married victoria’s secret model Behatti Prinsloo in 2014 and they had 2 daughters Dusty rose and gio grace. WAS we move to hr records of the screenshot, it can be clear out that the singer just simply asks to about naming it is ok or not.

Who is Adam Levine?

Also known as Adam Noah Levine born on March 18, 1979, is an American singer, songwriter, and musician. He represents a lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the rock band Marron 5 who prefer pop genre. He started learning music as a career in 1994 with the band Kara flowers
Who is Sumner Stroh?
She is a model who claims of having affair with Adam Levine. This came out of a flashlight after a bombshell confession where summer Stroh claims, to have love affairs with him.
The claims were shared on the tik tok live videos on September 19, that she and the payphone vocalist had 365 days of completed love affairs

How old is summer Stroh now?

As per the report on Wikipedia and on the Instagram post, he had reached almost 23 years old.

What does summer Stroh do for jobs and living?

For the jobs, she is a modeler of the Verge Agency and a social media influencer having more than 320,000 followers and 320000 followers on TikTok social media.
She had also a youtube channel with 7000 subscribers and she posts videos on clothes beauty tips and tricks. about her college life, she attended the University of Texas and graduated in 2021. But in 201 he was replaced by James valentine and the band Maroon 5 Songs about jane album, and other for examples I won’t soon be soon before long” Hands all over, Overexposed, red pill blues, Jordi, etc. In his life time achievement, he received are the Multil eaccolades and Grammy awards

Where adam Levine was bored?

He was borned in Los Angeles California U.S and his occupation was singing, writing songs, actor and musician. And is currently participating active role now. Presenting on TV the voice, sugar, song Land.

Another report also came today, that he was a Coach on the NBC talent show The Voice

Is Taylore swift friends with adam?

Yes as he is an American pop star, is a friend of the Tylor swift.

Religion : Jewisj

Wife name : Behartti Prinsloo

Lyrics that he had written for others

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moves like jagger

Must get out

My life

The net worth of adam: $68 million salary

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