india to see 1.5 mn jobs in cyber security

According to Microsoft’s Gomes, 1.5 million cybersecurity jobs will be open in India by 2025.

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USaA news forum : According to Terence Gomes, Microsoft India’s national head for security, India is one of the company’s security markets with the fastest growth. Read more

In its most recent quarterly report, Microsoft stated that its security company generates $20 billion in revenue annually, double the amount from 2021 and up from $15 billion in 2022.
Microsoft India’s country director for security, Terence Gomes, tells Shivani Shinde in an interview that the country is one of the company’s fastest-growing security markets, noting that the three-year digital boom has also increased the number of attack entry points.

I questioned the new Bing on Microsoft using ChatGPT, and oh, it had views.

Everyone is discussing it.

I had submitted an application to use Microsoft’s brand-new, GPT-powered, AI-driven Bing when the company released a vile taunt.

I was first added to the reserve list.
With more than one snort and wheeze, I resisted.

Furthermore, a lot of users appeared to concur that this was standard Microsoft bullying behaviour.

I want to go to the Chearch.

I remained motionless. Then a mysterious email materialised.
I would soon be granted access to Bing’s celestial gates, where I could bask in the brand-new splendours of Chat-search.

Or perhaps Chearch would be a better name.

6 additional tasks ChatGPT cannot do (and another 20 it refuses to do)

I wasn’t sure what to question when I encountered this new presence.
I enquired as to the status of American Airlines.

New Bing answered with a continuous flow of data.
It was endlessly long.
The report’s conclusion, however, was this: “American Airlines is in trouble in many ways and it may take a long time and a lot of work for it to recover and regain its reputation and profitability.”

Oh my goodness, this new Bing crosses no boundaries.
It immediately states, are those views, is that right?
What else could I do but search for Microsoft on the new Bing?

Bing, not Microsoft, takes pleasure in being able to respond to complex queries, so I chose this one: “Has Microsoft launched the new Bing well?”

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