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A search expert says the Nicola Bulley case is quite rare. Read now

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TUK News forum today : The instance is extremely unique, according to Nicola Bulley search expert.
A search expert seeking for Nicola Bulley said that in his 20 years of employment, he has never come across such a unique situation.

Another stretch of the River Wyre close to where she vanished will be searched, according to Peter Faulding, leader of a team of underwater experts searching the river.

11 days ago, Ms. Bulley, 45, of St. Michael’s on Wyre in Lancashire, was last seen taking her dog for a walk by the river. On Monday, her partner Paul Ansell made a further appeal on her behalf, stating that her girls longed for her terribly. According to Mr. Faulding, it is extremely unusual. “Normally, a drowning victim is where they go down when we deal with them.

Emergency personnel are still looking for missing mother Nicola Bulley, and a renowned diver has expressed his “astonishment” that nothing has been discovered.

A status report on the progress of finding the mother-of-two was released by Peter Faulding of Specialist Group International, which has been supporting in the search for Nicola Bulley through river searches.
After dropping her kids off at school on the morning of January 27, Nicola, 45, was last seen walking her dog Willow along a towpath.

She is thought to have joined a 9 a.m. conference call for work, but just before that, a friend said she texted him with plans for the next week.
Later, Nicola’s dog was seen walking by himself, “bone dry.”

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